CoDesigning Care

Digital innovation for young people in care

What is the project

The project is exploring how technology can support young people in care to stay safe; recognise and manage their emotions and behaviour; and communicate more effectively with practitioners. During our work we will be in regular consultation with young people, working side by side to design a service that works for them. We will be engaging both young people and practitioners in this process via the use of creative and interactive codesign methods. The project will explore six key themes with a view to understanding what these themes mean to young people in care and how technology can help support them in these areas: communication, companionship, advocacy, coaching, supervision, capturing thoughts & emotions. (


By engaging the young people in every stage of the design process we are empowering them to explore innovative solutions to the key challenges they face every day, and to create the possibility of a better and safer future for themselves. The outcomes of the project will inform carers, social workers and the wider community about the needs of these young people, and ways in which technology can be used as a positive influence in their lives.