The staff researching and developing VR at the University of Portsmouth

Core Staff

  • Vaughan Powell

    I am a senior lecturer in Creative Technologies and have been with the University since 2006. My main research interests are in Virtual Reality and Computer Human interaction and how this can influence human perception, movement behaviours, rehabilitation, engagement and learning. I am particularly interested in applications for “health and well being” and “scientific and historical visualisations for education and digital heritage” including the design of “serious games” or immersive interaction to support these. I lead the research group “iMoVE” (Interactive Movements in Virtual Environments) with a focus on the component contributions of hardware, software and virtual environment design elements and their influence on human behaviour.

  • Tom Garner

    Tom is a Research Fellow in virtual reality for healthcare. Within this field he specialises in sound design auditory processing. Tom has worked with the university since 2016 and has been working as a postdoc in the field now for 5 years. During this time he has published extensively, including two monographs; Sonic Virtuality (Oxford University Press) and Echoes of Other Worlds (Palgrave Macmillan). He teaches undergraduate units in Applications of Virtual Reality and Introduction to Virtual and Augmented Reality.

  • Ruiying Wang

    I've been working on visual simulation ever since 1994, in the early years my focus was military simulation. At MiraLab, I did some work on cloth simulation. Two years later I went back from Switzerland, and started a company with some friends in Beijing. We mainly worked on Virtual Reality sports game. I have run a Virtual Reality lab at University of Portsmouth since 2005.

  • Jahangir Uddin

    Lecturer in Computer Games Programming Lead Programmer - Life 3d Unreal 4 Programmer & Developer - RITA


  • Alex Counsell

    I joined the University in 2004 as Principal Technician for Creative Technologies, and have been working for the School since then. I am responsible for the software and hardware that the School use on all its courses, and manage support staff in these areas. My specialist areas are Motion Capture, Post Production and Visual Effects for film and television.

Research Staff

  • Phill Brown

    PhD Student in VR rehabilitation for chronic pain manegment
    UX and UI Designer- Life 3d
    Programmer/Developer - Enhanced Mirror Therapy

  • Marc Cook

    VR Research and Development
    3D Artist - Enhanced Mirror Therapy

  • Robert Mitchell

    VR Research and Development
    3D Programmer/Developer - Themes Research And Innovation Project

  • Dion Willis

    PHD student in VR applications for rehabilitation

  • Charlotte Croucher

    PhD Student in: VR design and the effect on Human Movement Behaviour

  • Tim Dykes

    Programmer/Developer - Enhanced Mirror Therapy

  • Beata-Noemi Balint

    Communication-related technical features in VR and their impact on teamworking behaviours, with a focus on military teams.