The Hub for VR at the University of Portsmouth

Available for use to all students

The Virtual Reality lab is located in basement room B.09 of the Eldon building. To book time in the lab contact or for all other enquiries contact or
You can also follow us on Twitter Here.

There is a variety of kit available for use such as:

  • A range of HMD's including Oculus Rift.
  • Motion & Magnetic tracking
  • Stereoscopic rear projected screen
  • Haptic devices
  • Wireless options are avalable for HTC Vive use


Research Projects

Advancing knowledge using VR

Alongside student work and teaching there are a number of academic research projects carried out in the lab. These have included the RITA project, devoted to advancing personalised healthcare using technologies from the entertainment industry and Life3D which involves using VR to teach students about molecules.